“I first met Amy almost a year ago when my best friend’s son (Cody) came up missing. Amy contacted me with a vision she had seen with the boys crashing into a large area of water. Over the next several weeks Amy and I had many conversations during which she provided a lot of information, that when he was found, was accurate. Amy told me I had to look for a turquoise colored sign with writing and that the number four kept coming to her vision. After the boys were found, I went to the area and there was a turquoise sign about 100 yards from the place of impact that had the number 4 written on it.  

The police report offered many details that were provided by Amy long before the boys were found. Amy also provided information about Cody’s feelings that she would have had no way of knowing if she was not communicating with Cody personally.  

Since that time, I have had her read a couple of photographs for me as well. The information that she provided about my daughter’s car accident was accurate to the point it was eerie.  

Amy is a very gifted psychic that provides emotional support as well as readings for many families in their time of need. I feel very lucky to have met her during a very tragic time in my life and count her as one blessing from a bad situation.”

— Lesa, Oklahoma

“She touched upon several personal issues that I had been struggling with, issues that only I knew. Her work brought closure to these areas. Amy’s reading has given me the confidence to continue to pursue my life as a creative person and, as I do, I’m beginning to see the topics in our conversation unfold and become real (my first book was published five months later).

Amy’s gift is real. She’ll help you push through the fog and help you see with clarity.”

— Sean, Ohio

“Amy is the real deal! Her gifts are incredible!! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I requested a Life Review reading…I’d never contacted a psychic before! Using just a simple photo of me, Amy was able to tell me things about myself and my family that I’d never spoken of. She saw aspects of my personality that no one else has ever so simply seen and made sense of. The messages she had for me in that one reading set me on a spiritual journey that has changed my life for the better in so many amazing ways! Amy is genuine, honest and very kind in helping you understand the guidance she has for you. Once you experience how divinely angelic her gifts are, your eyes are opened to a whole new beautiful world, and you feel truly blessed.”

— Teresa, Illinois

“I had a past life reading done by Amy and it was so awesome! A lot of the lives resonated with me and it was funny how familiar they felt. The issues that were brought up from those lives definitely were things that were left over, so to speak, and have given me the realization it’s residual karma. I have been able to look at them in a different light and move on in some aspects and heal others. Amy is great!”

— Bree