Live Readings 

Live readings are a great option for those interested in exploring one aspect of their life in real time, to ask questions and clarify any information.  

All readings are $100 for 30 minutes. 


Life Review 

A look into past, present, future events, and life choices to help gauge whether or not you are on the right path for the highest development in your journey. This reading consists of connecting with your guides and receiving direct messages and guidance to help process the past...see what the current struggles are...and develop a plan for your future. It is packed full of guidance and message.


Past Life

In this reading, find out in-depth, prevalent past lives and how they are affecting the present lifetime to date. This reading allows the patterns to be seen and also, gives great insight into both the struggles and strengths brought into present lifetime.


Divine Love

Have questions about your love life? Whether in a relationship or not in a relationship, this reading will help get to the core of what is transpiring in your life concerning love.




Please schedule your session below, upon purchase of your reading. 

“My session with Amy was phenomenal! Very insightful...yet at the same time expansive, nurturing, healing, helpful, and FUN. Amy is truly gifted and a gift. She is a joy to experience. I am very grateful that I got to be with such an amazing being.”

— Kent, Tennessee


Amy will provide on-going intuitive counseling to assist you in reaching your deepest desires and accomplishing your greatest goals, by using her intuitive gifts to connect with your spirit guides and higher self...


These are the perfect bite sized readings for those who prefer an overview, vs. and in-depth style read...

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