Spiritual Life Coaching 

Amy will provide on-going intuitive counseling to assist you in reaching your deepest desires and accomplishing your greatest goals, by using her intuitive gifts to connect with your spirit guides and higher self. 

One Moon Cycle

Each coaching cycle lasts one month, with the option to continue.  The purpose is to set clear goals, and work towards them by using intuition, and spiritual guidance.  



A less intense, yet powerful way to delve into the training.  A great option for those ready to start making small changes in their lives, with little resistance. 


Tune Ups

This option is only available for those who have already done coaching with Amy.  This is a great way to refresh on the work that was done, or dive into a single topic. 



Full Month $800


E-mail guidance and check in every morning and evening Monday-Friday. 


One hour live sessions with Amy every week. 


Half Month $450


Two e-mails a week, and two live sessions in the month. 


Tune Ups $210

The Week

One week of interaction on a single topic, and one live session. 


Coaching for Intuition $400

Two Weeks

Two weeks of interaction through e-mail, with daily questions and exercises.  One half hour live session. 

Intuitive Counseling

As I write this testimonial I continue to get shivers up and down my spine! There is really no way to say or explain the sheer magnitude of power Amy holds with her true gift! I began perusing stories of the dead as I often do and came upon a site, Thought Catalogue, Amy and MJ Pack, the author worked on together and it was at that moment my life changed forever! I immediately felt a strong connection to both Amy and one of her Thought Catalogue subjects and knew right then I HAD to speak to her. I reached out and booked my first session and since then I have undertaken several sessions and each one providing more and  more insight as I watch my life unfold before me. The feeling of this wonderful discovery of having a gift of my own has brought tears to my eyes while empowering me all at one time and without Amy to help guide me through this process, I honestly do not think I would have gotten to where I am now. After taking the first month long course with Amy I couldn’t help but feel as it neared the end of the month, that I had so much more to learn and see, I simply had to do it again!!! If you have any self doubt, lack self love or are in need of answers to life questions, don’t think twice, book now and explore a new world, a new life and feel the energy and power it gives you. I am truly grateful for Amy and all she has to offer and honestly the course is more than just a quick chat, its intense, it’s kind, it’s unfiltered honesty, something you won’t find in many places. To Amy I say thank you a million times over and can’t wait to see how this month unfolds with her in my corner.

“Amy is such a gift in this world. I cannot tell you how amazing and accurate she is. She truly cares about her clients and wants to help us all be on the path that is best for us. I’ve done multiple readings, from mediumship to life readings and Amy is SPOT ON. She has helped me understand my inner-self and has allowed me to live more calmly and happily. You will be amazed!”

— Amanda M.


These are the perfect bite sized readings for those who prefer an overview, vs. and in-depth style read...


Live Sessions

Amy is no longer offering live sessions at this time…

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