Amy Venezia is an established Intuitive, who has performed readings for people all over the world, assisted in missing persons cases, and is best known for her collaborative series, "Conversations With Dead People." 



Amy will provide on-going intuitive counseling to assist you in reaching your deepest desires and accomplishing your greatest goals, by using her intuitive gifts to connect with your spirit guides and higher self...

These are the perfect bite sized readings for those who prefer an overview, vs. and in-depth style read...


“Working with Amy has been an absolute delight. On top of being a wonderful person and a genuinely kind soul, her gifts are undeniable. I went into the experience with a certain level of skepticism but Amy easily turned me into a believer. Her reads are in-depth, intuitive, and — most importantly — extremely accurate. She never ceases to surprise me. ABSOLUTELY recommended!”

— MJ, Missouri


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