Fundamentals + Elementals

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Do you want to develop your own intuitive gifts and deepen your spiritual practice?  Join me and a private group of like-minded individuals, where you will receive inspirational videos, live interactive broadcasts, daily posts, behind the scenes footage of haunted locations, and much, much more!  Each month will have exciting treats and surprises, including a different theme and spirit to connect with.  If you've been following my work, or have already received a reading with me, and want to learn more, this is the perfect group for you! 

“Amy has such a wonderful gift and I am so glad she shares it with us. I have had two readings with her by email, and both times I felt peace and affirmation after reading her message to me. She has given me insight into the rift that exists between me and my son, and she has provided hope to me in this difficult situation. I have visited others for readings, but none have resonated so clearly or been as accurate as hers. I am so glad I found her!”

— Meg B.


Amy will provide on-going intuitive counseling to assist you in reaching your deepest desires and accomplishing your greatest goals, by using her intuitive gifts to connect with your spirit guides and higher self...


Live readings are a great option for those interested in exploring one aspect of their life in real time, to ask questions and clarify any information...  

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