E-Mail Readings

These are the perfect bite sized readings for those who prefer an overview, vs. and in-depth style read.  

E-Mail Readings


Weekly Forecast

Amy will pick 5 personalized cards for the week, along with a video message to start the week off on a note of guidance.

$44 / week

$150 / month  



Ask a question and I will pull three cards for you with messages for each one. This reading will be sent within 24 hours of receiving your question.



Mini Reading

A new year mini reading is a great option for those seeking advice about 2018. 



The Three

A bundle of Life Review, Past Lives, and Divine Love readings.  Must all be for the same person. 



Pet Love

Our pets are family members. Like us, they inhabit emotions of happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear, and they express them through behavior and illness. If you are looking to connect with the spirit of a pet that has passed away, or wanting to find out what is ailing your them either emotionally or physically, this is a way to intuit the messages your pet is trying to convey to you. PLEASE NOTE: For this reading only, I ask that you please specify the behavior & health issues of the pet(s) that you are inquiring about, as well as send a photo of each pet. (Up to 2 pets)




Connect with dearly departed loved ones to receive any messages they may wish to convey. If there are questions or even just a desire to connect, this reading is done in full honor and reverence for those who are in spirit, and the loved one wishing to reach out and connect.

Only available upon request. 



Upon purchase of any reading, please submit one recent photo of yourself or the person you wish to be read for to: 


As little information as possible is preferred.

Thank you! 


“ Amy,

I felt so blessed with your reading. When you first sent me this reading, I had to read through it several times...with tears flowing...to let it all sink in. I felt such a peaceful calm come over me, it’s almost indescribable. Just such a true inner peace that I am not sure I have ever felt before. I truly feel that you captured all of my doubts and fears, all of my hopes and dreams for the future, and best of all you gave me tips for making my future unfold the way it needs to. I have started horseback lessons and dabbling in self-guided meditation...and it feel so great. I wish I had contacted you years ago! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you and your amazing ability. I would recommend you to everyone, even the greatest skeptics.

Thank you so much.”

— Chandra, Missouri

“Amy has such a wonderful gift and I am so glad she shares it with us. I have had two readings with her by email, and both times I felt peace and affirmation after reading her message to me. She has given me insight into the rift that exists between me and my son, and she has provided hope to me in this difficult situation. I have visited others for readings, but none have resonated so clearly or been as accurate as hers. I am so glad I found her!”

— Meg B.


Amy will provide on-going intuitive counseling to assist you in reaching your deepest desires and accomplishing your greatest goals, by using her intuitive gifts to connect with your spirit guides and higher self...


Live readings are a great option for those interested in exploring one aspect of their life in real time, to ask questions and clarify any information....

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