Grunge & Grace

"I read the book in one sitting. I feel the musician character in this book is a healer in his own way. He has touched so many souls, hearts, lives and lives changed for the better from his art and the kind heart that exuded from his being. For some time now I have carried within me many questions on death and the afterlife. Reading this book gave me a window to one perspective of what it can be like. It is very fascinating. I grateful this book has been written and made available as there are so many instances of deaths that are staged to look as suicide or have other false narratives surrounding it. Questioning and learning of different perspectives is important so that each individual can seek their own understanding of truth. This book is one way to contributing to the higher truth to emerge surrounding this musician's passing. As well as helping to rightfully restore the musician's legacy and contribution to society in the way it was meant to remembered and meant to shine upon us here on this side of the 3D veil."

- Yammz

"I waited a few days to write my review. I knew I would rate it 5 stars but I needed time for it to sink in. I thoroughly enjoyed Amy's writing style, it was very emotional, raw and personal. I laughed and cried! I would definately recommend reading this book. It touched my heart on a personal level. I hope she writes a sequel!"

- Amazon Customer 

This book is beautifully written and inspiring. The chapters describing what the afterlife is like is a lot like I had imagined it... I am grateful for this book."

- Marlana

"I got home from work to find this in the mailbox waiting for me. I immediately started reading it, and I went on to read it from cover to cover. I have never read a book cover to cover (except a children’s book) prior to this one. It was so compelling, and so entertaining that I just couldn’t put down.

Amy has so many wonderful gifts, and it turns out that being a great writer is another one. Thank you Amy for sharing your gifts with us. The world is such a better place just knowing you are in it."

- Mark Moriarty 

"From the moment I picked up this book, I could not put it down! If you are ever looking for a reason to believe that we are all connected, and that the universe lovingly works in mysterious ways, then this is the perfect book for you. Amy is a talented writer, who not only brings a lot of depth to her characters, but also manages to help you feel every emotion she's trying to convey. I cried, I laughed, and most of all, I believed even more passionately in the love of the universe."

- Amanda Barber 

"I could not put this book down until I read the entire story. In one sitting. Amy has a way of drawing the reader in, so much so that it becomes a need to keep turning each page, until the last sentence. Since finishing the book, I've found myself in deep thought about the subject ever since. As if my mind is expanding, like a rubber band, more open to the realization that just because someone is no longer here, in the physical realm, it does not mean their spirit is gone forever, and without more to say. Read it. You won't be sorry. High praise from me, and I cannot wait until the next book is released!" 

- Tiffany Davis 

Cigarettes and Butter

"I didn't realize the 2nd book was out and such a wonderful surprise for a holiday weekend. I knew immediately who was visiting as the book began and was drawn into this story as quickly as with Grunge and Grace. Your writing style is so comfortable and enjoyable to read because it is pure and authentic..full of humor (and sarcasm from your muses) and love and light. What a treasure you are and how lucky are those of us who are blessed and touched by your gift...both in 3D and 5D. Thank you for leading all to the truth."

- PJ

"Another great story about Grace and her experiences with the spiritual realm. I was immediately drawn into the story and couldn't stop reading until I finished the last page. I wasn't ready for the story to end. I was so engrossed in the story that time just flew by too soon. Another great story from Amy that leaves me wanting more. Bravo!!!!"

- Kindle Customer

"Brilliant! Still absorbing it. Lessons here if open to the possibilities. It kept me in one spot reading until I finished it. I even went back over chapters that were particularly powerful. While the need for a book like this is so sad, it offers a chance to believe in something much greater than we might know. Live in the light, choose love and truth."

- VC (Amazon Customer) 

"It is mind boggling how a human being can have this beautiful ability to communicate with departed souls, "one foot in and one foot out" analogy was terrific . What a gift and a beautiful curse Amy carries on a daily basis. This fictional story has me wanting MORE! I couldn't wait to gobble this book up! Worth every second. Can't wait for book 3!"

- Beverly Degollado 

"It doesn’t matter if a book tells the real story or it is fiction. What is important is the message it brings. And both Amy’s latest books give the whole world the priceless gift - the message we should all have in our hearts and minds with every step on our path of this life. Thank you Cole, Kyle and Amy."

- Olga 

"I loved this book! I ordered the e book as soon as it was available and I also ordered the paper back version. I really felt while reading I was spending time with his spirit. Couldn’t put it down after I picked it up and wanting to keep reading after it was finished. Highly recommend!"

- Mykel Muhr

Mercury and Music

“Mercury and Music is the cherry on top of this wonderful three book trilogy by Amy Venezia! Rich with magic, laughter, tears and much for our human brain to ponder, this book takes you on an awakening journey. Amy has a brilliant way of taking you along as Grace makes her way through visits with intriguing yet familiar characters. I laughed and cried. There is an important message threaded throughout the book and I hope that message will resonate strongly with each reader. I know that I will read this gem several times and I will learn more each time along with some extra tears and more laughs. There was a special treat right at the end that touched my heart. I'm ready to start page one over again. P.S. You know when you've read something powerful when you are still thinking about it the next day. I think about the topic of duality. In one of Grace's visits, it is explained so beautifully to remind us that we are all one. I choose to stand for LOVE!”

- VC (Amazon Customer) 

“Amy Venezia is one bright, shiny soul! She brilliantly weaves together an otherworldly tale that I am so grateful to have experienced. I say experienced because throughout the book I had to stop and ponder. I had to go and research some of these people that I didn’t know much about. I had to sit and cry and also laugh. I had to absorb. This is a journey you take, it’s not just a story to read and I loved every second of it!!! I used to want to go visit Hogwarts, now I just want a pass to this mansion! Do not miss out on this last book of the trilogy!”

- Lisa L.

“This was by far the best in the trilogy. The journey Grace goes on is mind blowing and surreal. It will make you laugh and cry and feel hopeful. Thank you, Amy for giving us this story. It's so beautiful.”

- Robin M.

“I read all three books over a rainy weekend. I thought the first two were fantastically thought provoking but Mercury and Music just hit it out of the park! Amy is such a talented, beautiful person and this book just touched my heart so much more than I even realized at first. I was so blown away by the ideas brought forward, and the book is so well written, that I was sad when it was over!!!”

- Shawnna