Chris Cornell continued...


Photo Credit- Robert J. Sherman. Taken at the final concert in Detroit, MI...May 17th, 2017

I am going to post the radar logs that have come through. Some of these I have sat on for some time...and feel that it is now time for them to be shown. 22 Logs and you will want to read to the very last paragraph. Also, here is youtube video of me discussing deeper-

Before I share logs, I would like to explain something concerning the spirit world. I apologize in advance to anyone who is not interested or a non-believer in anything concerning afterlife...but maybe just for shts & it? Anyway, I want to explain something that I have experienced many times with spirits who have died suddenly, tragically and most of all, when under the influence of an altering substance. Most of the time, the spirit is dazed and confused. It takes time for them to become clear about what happened to them...some don't even realize they are dead. I have had people a factual manner that he(Chris) knows what happened to him. Well...I want to say back to that belief that I have been connecting for months...and it has literally taken him months to become fully clear. There are a couple of reasons for that- one, he has had to do the work himself of piecing things together. Going "back" in timeline and viewing things. Also, he has had to go through process of being ready to accept things because it was a painful ending on many accounts. He truly loved his wife. When they first got together and the wedding and even further in...he was happy. No matter what became towards the end of the marriage and what it ended up becoming, he still loved her. That is a lot to work through...alive or not.  2nd, there are things I was not ready or wanting to see...and he patiently waited on me to finally get clear enough myself to be ready to see it objectively and not emotionally. When I say that every day...even up to today...I am seeing and learning more and more...I am 100% honest. You may ask how this can be? That a spirit would be dazed...confused...unable to know or remember. All I can do is give you a sci-fi like explanation of that- sometimes when there is a sudden I described is simply like being knocked into another realm. You are still very much the sense of how you can feel...the ties...the earthbound attachments. It would be the equivalent to being knocked out and blindfolded and waking up in a different country...on the street with nothing...and you have to figure out how you got there...why you are there...who took you there...etc. Where there is only linear time here on this 3rd dimensional takes as long as it needs to take for them to get clear. I hope that is understandable. 

Each one of these logs is powerful...whether one word or a slew of them that is telling his story.

Radar Log 1: Blow, Solid, Direct, Fight, Fuel, Saw, Discovery, Event, Damage, Heat, Bound, Corner, Him.

He is speaking of May 17th, 2017. 

New Radar 17.jpg

Radar Log 2: Stars, Touch, Sure, Serj

New Radar 1.jpg

Radar Log 3: Serj, Pure, Easily, Case, Paul, Yesterday, Picked, Carefully, Husband, Desert, Observe, Dispose, Tales, Hearing, Solve, Related, Brad, Tight, Third.

This one has a lot of sarcasm in it...concerning Vicky...concerning rumors...the last part "Brad tight third" is the sarcasm...I will let you guys and girls figure this out for yourselves...

New Radar 2.jpg
New Radar 3.jpg

Radar Log 4: Nick

New Radar 4.jpg

Radar Log 5- Ann, Chris 

New Radar 5.jpg

Radar Log 6: Peter

New Radar 6.jpg

Radar Log 7: Though, Fog, Fuzzy, Liberty 

New Radar 7.jpg

Radar Log 8: Son, Scream, Martin, Relax, Gave, Tablet, Susan, Then, Herself, Spite

This is concerning one of the many interactions with his wife that day...and Martin giving him pills to relax...and things that were said and targeted too.

New Radar 8.jpg

Radar Log 9: She, Reap, Halt, United, Discuss, Mental, Health

This literally came through last week...and can't be anymore obvious and straightforward. 

New Radar 9.jpg

Radar 10: First, Shaking, Don(Dawn), Discuss, Stopped, Maybe, Clock, Kristen, Opposite, Drive, Purpose, Value, Apple, Data, Table, Report, Draw

You will need to decipher this one on your own. I know what he is saying...look at all the pieces and you will too.

New Radar 10.jpg

Radar Log 11: Draw, Pocket, Never, Selection, Twist, Affair, Carefully, He's, Make, Rich, Jones(Dawn Jones), Factor, Shirt, Don(Dawn), Shirt 

Just to get the understanding started...Draw(money) ...he would never pocket... etc. He is speaking of Martin next...and then Dawn Jones...and of course, the torn short. 

New Radar 11.jpg

Radar Log 12: Pout, Calm, Them, Andy

New Radar 13.jpg

Radar Log 13: Natasha, Sing, Once, Nancy, Natasha

Natasha Schneider...and Nancy Wilson...the sing once is an inside conversation about something I observed...he was answering this. 

New Radar 14.jpg

Radar Log 14: Musical, Sub(Pop) 

New Radar 15.jpg

Radar Log 15: Relax, Peter

New Radar 16.jpg

Radar Log 16: Camera, Electric, Equation, Dangerous, Tablet


NR 1.jpg

Radar Log 17: Greek Pride... concerning the fight against  suicide determination. ..even though there is risk to expose more in doing so. 

NR 2.jpg

Radar Log 18: Bound, Desk, Worry, Floor, Bled ...I can't go much into this except concern for bleeding on carpet(not his concern)...and the bathroom location. 

NR 3.jpg

Radar Log 19: Trust, Finger, Against ... When I was doubting at the beginning what I was seeing and hearing him show me. 

NR 4.jpg

Radar Log 20: Daughter, Like, Sadness, Root, Jam, Anthony. This is a mix...first, about Anthony K. memory

NR 5.jpg

Radar Log 21: The Fog part has been mentioned prior...Dave, Earn, Kristen, Wild.. The Bob Physical is actually a personal these exact logs were coming through a service man knocked on my door and said "Hi, I'm Bob..."  I came back to my desk and this had come the Bob Physical is concerning what was going on in the moment only. 

NR 6.jpg

Radar Log 21: Bled, Partly, Cried, Win, Floor, Gasp, Result, Intention, Murder, Clairvoyant, Fear

Not going into this put the pieces together and form your own conclusions. Again, talk about blood, floor, etc. 

NR 7.jpg

Radar Log 22: Several, Military, Soldiers, Charles, Announced, Detroit, Cremate, Fought, Supper, And Became Victory. 

Again, not touching this one...except to say Charles is the first name of Detective. Detroit...obvious...Cremate...there are things in this that are definitely tied to is it all? You decide. 

I feel that between this and the video I have done what I can with some of what has come forward. 

One final memory he has brought work memory between me and another gifted woman, Crystal.- A boy...with blonde/brown hair...on a dock going towards a boat...apprehensive when he sees his father...this is from years ago...a childhood that wasn't his(Chris's) was someone else's...and they know who they are...why this boy felt this way about his father was later told to Chris ...that should be enough of the memory for anyone who may be reading this who knows. He really is speaking.