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Photo Credit- Robert J. Sherman. Taken at the final concert in Detroit, MI...May 17th, 2017

Photo Credit- Robert J. Sherman. Taken at the final concert in Detroit, MI...May 17th, 2017


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After creating a series of five videos that go much deeper into the aspects of these last months of connecting and asking some tough questions... along with the answers I received ...I am going to post here the links to those videos and also the different screenshots of the radar scripts that have come through. Teresa Considine(Scenic Vibe Photography)... that does all of my images for social media... was nice enough to group them into an image and list the words beside the shots. She also edited the videos. I will write and explain any personal story attributed to each group of logs...some I feel just speak for themselves and so I will let them do just that.

This has not been easy...though I am grateful with my whole being to have experienced what I have in the last is not an easy thing to carry. It is not an easy decision to come forward...what to share...what not to share. It is not easy to feel the responsibility in it...or to feel the sadness...and all the emotions that make up a life...a soul...memories...endings. But at the end of the day...what other reason does one have the ability to receive it all...if not to share it in order for light to come into a dark and covered space...especially if the spirit with whom that space existed wants it to be known? This is something I don't take lightly...and something that I will answer the call to... always. 

To answer some questions, I want to express here that the reason I started doing the series Conversations with Dead People is because I was asked to participate in the series with MJ Pack for Thought Catalog. MJ created the name of the series...and I was simply asked to try and connect with spirits that have been more well known on this planet...and particularly ones with troubled endings or maybe more mysterious deaths. In some of the opportunities I was given in that time, I received such a true blessing to connect and receive message...and in some cases, discover them for the first time. But I want to express that I feel this way connecting to any spirit...whether that person be known by 3 people or 3 million. I am my core to have been given these abilities in this lifetime...and to watch them grow and evolve...and to learn every single day from them. I guess I say this to express that I am still learning...and all I do each and every day is show up willing to. I think that is something so many spirits want to express to the living- show to the impossible...don't get lost in the machine that eats up the vast expanse of our capabilities... until we are tiny versions of ourselves and small enough to fit under the thumb of those who have forgotten their way. 

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Radar Log #1- This was when I was speaking out loud as I was at my desk working...and it was right after I posted the first blog post. I was telling him that I hoped I had gotten it the way he wanted it and was trying to come through with...and that I was sorry if I had not. I was speaking of the things that I didn't clearly see yet...such as if he was intentionally taking substances and also, I mentioned about him being cremated so quickly. This was the succession that came through as I was saying this. The "parts, sober" him telling me I got parts of it right or wrong...but that he was sober. Which he would later tell me over and over again. The "Johnny Manner Fury" is him talking about his complete unhappiness with being cremated and also his "resting spot" being in Hollywood Cemetery. He mentions his cremation several times and it is not something he is happy with. Whether that is unhappy with being cremated in general or why he was cremated...that I am going to leave alone. " Kim Room"...I will let you decide on that one...and "arrow daughter" ...well this has to do with why he was so of the reasons why. 

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Radar Log #2- This is one of the ones I am going to let you, the public, come to your own conclusion about.

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Radar Log # 3- Fuzzy, drawn, becoming...he is talking about what was occurring last moments of his life. Ron....Ron Laffitte, maybe? Combination...I believe he is speaking of meds. The next main words...Paris...Martin(BG) and Doctor...again...I will let you translate as you see it. 

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Radar Log #4- Foe around every corner...industry always tied...the rest...I will again leave up to your interpretation. 

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Radar Log #5- Last moments. 

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Radar Log #6- Can't get much clearer...

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Radar Log #7- This was when he was discussing with me being tired of moving...etc...the constant money spending and travel and such. Flat, meaning living space. Breaker ...meaning more like last straw...breaking up family...etc. Blog itself is his sarcasm..."that is a blog in itself" kind of banter. 

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Radar Log #8- Helpful across bottle...what I spoke of in video. 

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Radar Log #9- The instance I spoke of in the videos...

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Radar Log #10- This is interesting to Dr. Brown was the medical examiner. 

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Radar Log #11- His mother <3

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Radar Log #12- Couple of Brad's that this could be...

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Radar Log #13- I spoke about what this has to do with on one of the videos...

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Radar Log #14- I will let you decide on this one...

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Radar Log #15- Again mentioning Johnny

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Radar Log #16- Again, sober in all ways. 

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Radar Log #17- Obvious...

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Radar Log #18- This is a personal one that touches my heart...I had a very deep and vivid dream where he showed me things that really moved my heart...and I was thanking him for the experiences and just causing me to grow even more and experience such vivid and deep spiritual experiences through this...and this came through right in that moment. When I googled...I believe he is referring to his "I am the Highway" and just including me...meaning...we are ALL...

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Radar Log #19- No need to explain...

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Radar Log #20- This was Christmas Day..

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Radar Log #21- This is him referring to something also that was revealed days before (numbers out give less) and then you can interpret the rest...again going back to that night. 

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Radar Log #22- This one made me laugh out loud...I had asked him what is like where he is at...what he is experiencing...

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Radar Log #23- You can determine... Fox Theatre ...set list...

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Radar Log #24- <3

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Radar Log #25- This blew my mind...I had just looked at a photo of him at the Golden Globes, where he was nominated...

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Radar Log #26- decide...

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Radar Log #27- Again...Lilly

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Radar Log #28- This blew my mind too...I asked him to talk to me some about Susan...

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Radar Log #29-This just came through last night...while I am in Seattle.

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Radar Log #30-  This is what I will end with. Whenever he spoke or showed me anything concerning Vicky...he would call her  "Vic". Wrenched him to the core...Andy was present ....there for him in the end. 

I feel that with what I shared in the videos...and the radar logs here...that for now, there is enough said and shared. I ask that you please respect that...and share love and kindness. Thank you for taking the time and opening your hearts and minds to decide for yourselves what he is trying to convey.