Kyron Horman Case


*The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise.

I still remember the day someone mentioned the Kyron Horman case to me. I remember it because I had been in Oregon for a year or so...and the person knew of what I do for my life purpose...and asked if I had looked into it. Up until that point, I had never heard of him or the case. In that same weekend, I had a friend come into town that is also a seer. She wanted to sit down and do a session with me. This woman is one of the few that I go to this full trust...when I can't see for myself.  When we sat down for session she immediately told me I had two children with me. One...a a boy. The boy...had glasses...and was saying his name was like a planet. She said it started with a K. I got chills. Just a day before someone mentioned this case and child to me...for the first time.

I have had so many people send me private messages and emails asking me if I have looked into his case. Yes. I have. At the very beginning of me coming fully into working on cases. I have never made public what came to me. There is a lot of energy involved in this that I don't want a part of. Not only for what happened...but since. The war that goes on between me...has become more important than Kyron.  I am sure it will be said otherwise. But so much energy is expended on fighting...and accusations...and war. It doesn't take rocket science to see and feel that it is a ticking energetic time bomb.

I woke up though...the other night...feeling it is time. Just put it out there. Not that it is going to change a thing...or bring resolution...just for the reverence of what I feel came forward to me. I had several weeks of sleepless nights...awakening in the middle of the night...and now I want to share why that occurred.

I am going to list here the notes I took during the middle of the night. Scribbled in the dark in I was awakened over and over again.

The letter "X".

Mile Marker #4 and #7.

A wooden plank. A sign. Long and narrow. Almost flesh to the ground. A park sign.

A silhouette of what is hard to describe....a massive center...round in shape that has branches coming from the core of it...low to the ground. Maybe a tree. The branches come straight from the center that is flesh to the ground.

Dixie Mountain Road. NW Kay Road.

The face of a man, in his 30's. He is wearing a cap/hat. He has dark brown hair and facial hair. Neatly trimmed facial hair. Could be a goatee. Larger eyes, hazel to green. Light. Terri drove him to this man. Fuller lips. She met him at the gym. He is connected to the gym with her. He is ethnic, possibly Hispanic.

The last 4-8 weeks of Kyron's life changed tremendously. Loss of innocence. His whole persona changed. He witnessed something he was not supposed to. Something that could bring legal trouble for others. Jail time. Sexual in nature.

Terri was having an affair with someone other than the man described above. Average height and 175-180 pds. Shorter hair. Average looks. Nothing distinguishable about him.

Kyron was killed because he witnessed something that could destroy the woman and those involved. And he could not be trusted to not tell people...someone...anyone.

I felt a sharp pain on the left top of my forehead. At the hairline. A large rock. He was hit over the head.

Dark stairs. A stairway leading down to a basement. Reading a book. Books. Put in the basement while things went on he was not supposed to see. Also, evidence in basement.

Something about a story he was told...about looking for or hunting for frogs. Feels like the day he was taken from school. He was told not to tell was a special treat for him...and to not say anything because he would get in trouble for leaving school to do it.

A park, over and over. Sauvie Island Bridge. The name "William". There isFort William sign at mile marker 4 on Sauvie Island. The man involved works for a park and rec. In some way. May be connected to Sauvie. Either landscaping, electrical, or construction. For a park.

The letter "Z" associated with the man...a half dozen times or so...along with the number 3.

The roman numeral II ...which I feel means Junior.

Feeling of being chased. Down a path. Not lasting long.

3 people. A woman and two men. A triangle.

About the woman:

Sociopathic. What at the beginning, she was happy to take on and do, this was not pure motives. This was to win her place with father. About manipulation. Once attained...anything...she is no longer needing to pretend or manipulate. Kyron went from pawn to major kink in the plans and happiness. She hated him already for this...then it became not even an option once Kyron witnessed what he witnessed.

Being shown her destroying one of his favorite stuffed animals or toys. He is trying to grab it from her and get it away from her and she just keeps ripping it apart telling him "this is what happens when boys are bad."

Planned in many different ways. From planting sees of conversations with different people about relationship and unhappiness. Intentionally starting up a proven affair through take track off of who she was really having affairs with. So it would seem it was this guy. There was a new affair with a very sick(energetically) man...not a long time in the making.

Repeatedly checking in with the school to see how Kyron was behaving so she could see if he was showing any signs of may draw suspicion to what he knew and had gone through. Making it seem to be a behavioral it was him...his fault...a difficult kid.

The color red. Red nails. Red everything. He hates the color red.

As odd as it seems...showing me over and over him playing pretend that he is vacuuming. At a younger age.

His remains have been moved several times. It is not in one resting place. There is a ritualistic feeling to it. Like the four corners...

Those involved are higher ups...key people...a ring of people...that he witnessed...

This is not solved because it has chosen not to be solved.

That is my notes... when I went forward with them at the beginning...there was enough for me to stop feeling the openness to look into it. I am sad to say, that I have chosen not to look into it since. Not out of a lack of compassion...just out of knowing the day this case has people who truly want it solved, it will be. There are people that sat back and allowed this...turned a blind eye. To protect their own interests. It is not just one. There are more details that I don't feel I should share here.

Until then, my heart goes out to the spirit of Kyron...and to those who truly loved him. He and everyone on this planet deserves so much more...and it is my hope and prayer that he will one day be given the honor of closure and truth as to what happened and who is responsible. I do feel that day may come. Sooner than later.