" We all have the gift of inner guidance and intuition. There is not one who has come into this world without it. "

"We all have the gift of inner guidance and intuition. There is not one who has come into this world without it."



Since childhood, Amy has felt a devotion to her spiritual development and unfolding. Her first memory of visibly seeing a spirit and having communication, came around the age of six. She has been developing that gift ever since.  Although there have been times throughout the years where she has put these gifts on the back burner in order to pursue other interests of growth, she never stopped helping friends and family with spiritual guidance and messages from beyond.

Amy’s greatest passion is communicating with spirits and helping them in whatever way possible, to either tell their stories, find closure, or share the wisdom they wish to share with those still in body on this planet. 

Much of her donated time and effort has been dedicated to missing person’s cases across the nation. Helping families and spirits that face such tragic moments like these, is what she feels is her main purpose for this lifetime. 

As well as working full-time doing readings and visiting "haunted" locations, to help others experience their own opening to the outside realms, Amy frequently teams up with author M.J. Pack, on various projects pertaining to clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, and mediumship. Their recent collaboration, where Amy has done blind-readings based simply on photos of each of the “characters” profiled on Netflix’s, Making a Murderer, has brought national attention. As well as their collaboration for Conversations with Dead People.

It is Amy’s desire to help every person she connects with to become more open to the “impossible” and to develop their own inner gifts. Amy holds a BA in Metaphysical Science from UMS.

Amy is available for in person readings, space clearing of homes and businesses, and also, speaking at haunted and historical locations.  Please contact Amy if you are interested in any of these services.